Administration of North and East Syria sells seeds at less than cost per kilo to support farmers

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — To support the farmers of North and East Syria who have faced extreme hardship due to a decade of war, decreased rainfall, and Turkey’s illegal reduction of the flow of the Euphrates River, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria plans to continue its subsidies, including providing seeds and fertilizers. The DAA’s Agricultural Development Company will provide plant-ready and sifted seeds to farmers and contractors at a much lower cost, at a loss of millions of U.S. dollars.

Consultant of the Foundation for Propagation of Seeds for North and East Syria Muhammad Hussein Maami stated that, “The price of one kilogram of seeds was set at 2,300 Syrian Pounds for improved seeds and 2,500 Syrian Pounds for contract seeds, as the cost of one kilo of ordinary seeds amounted to 2,750 Syrian Pounds with a bonus of 25%.”

Other announced prices were: 25 SP for a burlap bag, 15 SP for carrying and portering, 46 SP for seed sterilization materials, 18 SP for 50-kg nylon bags, 15 SP for transporting raw and sterilized seeds, and 50 SP for sifting.

The total cost to the Agricultural Development Company is 2,914 SP per kilo of improved seed. They will be sold at 2,300 SP per kilo, according to local media.

As for the contract seeds, the price of one kilo reached 3,024 SP, as the reward rate is 30%, and the selling price for the contract holders was set at 2,500 SP per kilo.