Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon appoints Fadi al-Deri as General Coordinator of Beirut Branch

BEIRUT — President of the Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad announced the imminent opening of USUP headquarters in Lebanon with the appointment of Fadi al-Deri as the General Coordinator of the USUP Beirut Branch. The announcement was made in the presence of USUP Secretary General Michel Mallo and USUP Secretary of Internal Affairs Joseph Hajjar.

The move took place after new Christian groups and personalities joined the party.

“This appointment came after the USUP took the decision to reopen its headquarters in Beirut and new groups and personalities from several Christian denominations joined the USUP believing in the party’s active role in defending the free Christian presence in Lebanon and the east without discrimination,” read the USUP statement announcing the appointment.

Al-Deri is former head of the Eastern Orthodox Party and son of the Christian Lebanese resistance. He also participated in the defense of Ashrafieh at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.

Mrad stressed that the USUP’s return to Beirut, specifically Ashrafieh, is to complement the struggle and defense of the free and active Christian presence alongside the allies of the Christian Resistance parties.

Mrad stressed that Ashrafieh is the fortress of Bashir Gemayel and the Christian Resistance.

“We all must contribute to the development of Ashrafieh and preserve its memory in resisting occupations,” Mrad added.

Mrad declared that the opening ceremony of the USUP headquarters in Beirut will soon be announced.