Second Annual Mardutho Festival concludes in Zalin, North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — On Monday, the three-day Mardutho Festival concluded in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria.

The annual Mardutho Festival was organized by the Syriac Cultural Association. The first day took place in Hasakah, with the second and third days held in Zalin.

The third and final day included Syriac heritage songs performed by the Naum Faiq House for Culture and Art Choir and a Syriac heritage show by the Yurthutha Heritage Troupe.

Syriac songs were performed by a number of Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) singers, including Mirna Shamoun, Samer Hanna, Milad Soumi, and Smedra Hanna.

During the festival, the Syriac Cultural Association celebrated the first anniversary of founding its Scout Troupe.

The Barmaya Troupe also presented several folk dances.

At the end of the festival, the Administrative Committee of the Syriac Cultural Association honored all the participants, which included folk troupes, choirs, poets, and singers, as well as the participating institutions and others.

It also honored the Syriac Security Forces (Sutoro), who provided security for the festival, and the festival presenters.

Honorary plaques were distributed in appreciation for their efforts.