Administration of North and East Syria unifies public and private school curriculum; Syriac language to be taught in township in Illinois, USA

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Education Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria issued a decision to generalize its curriculum across all schools and institutes located within the areas it governs.

The DAA curriculum is based on the common values of the Syrian peoples and written in three languages: Syriac, Arabic, and Kurdish.

The adoption of this curriculum began in public schools. Recently, the DAA’s Education Authority issued a decision to introduce the curriculum in private schools and institutes.

To facilitate the introduction of the curriculum, representatives of the DAA met with officials of private schools and institutes and informed them of the decision, giving them a deadline to change the old curriculum, which is  based solely on Islamic and Arab foundations.

The curriculum of the DAA includes teaching the Syriac language, which is one of the official languages of the administration.

In related news, a decision was unanimously taken to introduce the Syriac language in schools in Niles Township, Illinois, USA.

This is the first time a decision has been issued to teach the Syriac language in US schools.

The decision came as a result of the efforts made by the Syriac youth in Illinois over the course of seven years.