Syriac Cultural Association holds a Syriac poetry evening in Qabre Hewore in North and East Syria

QABRE HEWORE, Syria — The Syriac Cultural Association in Syria held a Syriac poetry evening, at its headquarters in Qabre Hewore (Qahtaniyah) in North and East Syria.

The event was attended by a number of Syriac intellectuals and poets, in addition to representatives of institutions of the Beth Nahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB).

The evening included reciting poems about the Syriac identity and pride in it, in addition to national and patriotic poems, including the issue of the 1915 Sayfo Genocide.

During the evening, the audience also listened to a poem in Syriac by the journalist Yawsef Beth Turo.