More suspected terrorists arrested in North and East Syria as Operation Jazira Thunderbolt continues

HASAKAH, Syria — Operation Jazira Thunderbolt closed its sixth day with joint forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria conducting raids at several locations in the region. Security operations were carried out in Al-Hol, Markada, along the Syrian-Iraqi border, and in the countryside of Dayro Zcuro (Deir Ez-zor). A number of suspected terrorists were arrested and their weapons and equipment seized.

On Tuesday morning, combined counter-terrorism forces conducted raids in the villages of Al-Sawi, Al-Janba, and Al-Khan and nearby farms southeast of Al-Hol. The proximity of these locations to the Al-Hol Refugee Camp, which houses tens of thousands of ISIS affiliated detainees, makes them hotspots for ISIS cells.

The joint forces raided potential hideouts and arrested three people suspected of links with terrorist cells. The forces also arrested four people involved in various criminal acts, including kidnapping, looting, and extortion.

Special units carried out a qualitative operation in the town of Markada, south of Hasakah, during which they raided the known whereabouts of two members of a terrorist cell responsible for manufacturing explosives and booby-trapping vehicles, in addition to carrying out attacks against military points. The two men were arrested and a quantity of weapons and technical equipment in their possession was confiscated.

The Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT), with the support of the US-led International Coalition, carried out three security operations against terrorist cells in the countryside of Dayro Zcuro, during which three terrorist elements were arrested, and weapons and military equipment in their possession were confiscated.

Notables and sheikhs of the Arab tribes in Al-Hol District affirmed their support and backing for the SDF in carrying out Operation Jazira Thunderbolt. They also expressed their thanks and gratitude to the partner forces in the operation with the aim of eliminating terrorism and achieving stability in the region.

In a public statement, the US-led International Coalition said that their SDF partners will continue operations against the Islamic State (ISIS) and other extremists, a clear indication of their commitment to ensuring security and stability in North and East Syria. The International Coalition reaffirmed its commitment to providing advice, training, and equipment to empower the SDF in this endeavor.