Syrian Democratic Forces announce arrest of 150 suspected ISIS members in operation in Raqqa

RAQQA, Syria The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested 150 individuals suspected members or leaders of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a part of its “Revenge for the Martyrs of Raqqa” campaign. The campaign was launched in late January to track down remaining ISIS members in Raqqa and its surrounding areas.

In a statement, the SDF reported that the operation was prompted by intelligence that indicated ISIS is attempting to reorganize its cells, appoint new leaders, and escalate from individual attacks to large-scale assaults on detention centers and prisons holding its members.

The campaign was launched with raids on multiple potential ISIS hideouts in Raqqa and Tabqa, leading to the discovery of a significant amount of weapons and ammunition, including a warehouse used by ISIS in the village of Al-Ayed in the Tabqa countryside.

The campaign is a response to the 26 December attack by ISIS on an Internal Security Forces (ISF) center in Raqqa’s Al-Diriyah neighborhood which resulted in several ISF casualties.