Bethnahrin Women’s Union official in Europe Tibelia Ahron chosen alongside three other German women representatives to attend 4th World Women’s Conference 

BERLIN — Official of the European branch of the Bethnahrin Women’s Union (Huyodo dNeshe dBethnahrin, HNB), Tibelia Ahron, and three other women, were chosen to be representatives of German women at the 4th World Women’s Conference which will be held in Republic of Bosnia.  

The World Women’s Conference is held once every four years to discuss violence, persecution, inequality, and sexual harassment that women are exposed to around the world, and to develop strategies to address these problems. 

As part of the preparations for the next conference, 64 representatives from German organizations met to discuss planning for their attendance. 

At this meeting, Ahron, along with three other women, was chosen to represent German women in the annual preparatory meeting to be held in June in the Republic of Bosnia. 

The previous World  Women’s Conference was held in Tunisia and saw the participation of about 150 delegations from 50 countries. Three Syriac women representing the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people, Ilham Matli and Georgette Barsoum from the Syriac Women’s Union (SWU) and Tibelia Ahron from the HNB, Europe Branch, participated in the conference. 

At the Tunis conference, the Syriac delegation shed light on the situation of Syriac women and referred to the 1915 Sayfo Genocide, in which hundreds of thousands of Syriac and Armenian people were martyred.