The Christian Front renews its demand for a decentralized system in Lebanon

BEIRUT — With the continued political, economic and security deterioration in Lebanon, the Christian Front came out after its regular meeting with a statement, renewing its demand to sign an official document urging the Arab and international communities to implement International Resolution No. 1559, including establishment of free zones devoid of the weapons of Hezbollah and Hamas militias and the terrorist organizations operating under their supervision.

The Front stated the free zones should be under the protection of the Lebanese Army and under the supervision of international protection forces from the United Nations. The Christian Front considers this the only and logical solution to save Lebanon and stop the arrogance, domination, and empowerment of Iran’s strategy and ideological project enabled by the excess power of militia weapons, which is rejected by the majority of the Lebanese people.

The Christian Front declared that Hezbollah is betting on the factor of time to make the Lebanese people despair and push them to surrender to its will, because it succeeded in destroying and impoverishing the state and controlling it in its entirety. The Front said that Hezbollah continues to impose a president on Lebanon who would support Hezbollah.

“Any retreat from confrontation or any settlement would mean the surrender of Lebanon and its people to Iran, and Lebanon would be subjected to a mass emigration and terrorism,” the Front declared.

The Christian Front criticized France, indicating that France only cares about its interests, ignoring Lebanon and its people.

“France is trying to support the candidate of the Iranian axis to achieve its interests and commercial deals at the expense of the principles it had always publicly advocated,” the Front added.

The Front stated that the solution to Lebanon’s problems is that the centralized system has died and must be replaced by the federal system adopted in most developed countries, which are similar to Lebanon in its religious and cultural diversity.

The Front indicated that implementing administrative decentralization exacerbates the crisis. The continuous obstruction of state administrations, the latest of which is the postponement and extension of municipal and elective elections, is the biggest evidence that the central system disrupts the affairs of citizens and state.