New Oncology Department opens at National Hospital in Raqqa, Syria, to provide free cancer treatment

RAQQA, Syria — The Health Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council has announced the opening of an Oncology Department at the National Hospital in Raqqa, aiming to ensure access to cancer treatment for patients in need.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Raqqa Civil Council.

Commencing the event, Co-Chair of the Raqqa Civil Council’s Health Committee Ali al-Musharraf expressed gratitude to all those involved in establishing the department, emphasizing its commitment to providing completely free treatment to patients.

Hamdan al-Abed, Deputy Co-Chair of the DAA Executive Council of North and East Syria, hailed the opening as a historic milestone for the people of Raqqa, signifying a significant step forward in rebuilding the city following the devastating consequences of war.

The newly established Oncology Department boasts a specialized medical team comprising 24 doctors and nurses. Equipped with a pharmacy, laboratory, and an x-ray machine, it stands as the sole facility of its kind in North and East Syria. Currently, the department holds 10,000 doses of cancer medication to meet the immediate needs of patients.