Lebanese Defense Minister Maurice Salim survives assassination attempt

BEIRUT — Following the clashes in Kahaleh, Lebanon, that left one member of Hezbollah and a Christian resident of the town dead, tension continue to increase lay bare the instability prevalent across the country.

Lebanese media outlets reported that an attempt was made on the life of Lebanese Defense Minister Maurice Salim on Thursday. A vehicle Salim was traveling in was shot up in the Jisr al-Basha area in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

Commenting on the incident, Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi stated that Minister Salim is fine and in good health condition.

He added that the security apparatus is investigating the incident.

According to a security source and a political source, Salim’s car was heading to the Jisr al-Basha area, southeast Beirut, when bullets hit the window of his car.