IRAQ: Mayor of Baghdede Issam Behnam Matti Daabul calls for investigating the Baghdede protestors claims

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — The mayor of Baghdede Issam Behnam Matti Daabul stated that a group of Shabaks (Şebek) held a protest, and a protest note will be submitted to the relevant authorities. He added that a week ago, there was another protest, during which also a protest note was submitted.

The mayor of Baghdede commended the protesters’ commitment to rules of protest, and thanked the security forces who provided the appropriate security atmosphere.

However, he declared that citizens should be aware of the laws, customs and decisions of the federal court to avoid mistakes.

Regarding the raised slogans that demanded the mayor dismissal, he called on the Iraqi government to open an investigation into the alleged administrative violations, indicating that he will bear full responsibility.

“After this protest, I hope that all of you will acquire a copy of the Iraqi constitution and read it well to get acquainted with your rights and duties,” Daaboul concluded.