Administration of North and East Syria representatives in Europe hold discussions on Syrian Crisis with Member of German Parliament

BERLIN — In a significant meeting held within the corridors of the Bundestag in Berlin, representatives from North and East Syria and German politicians met to discuss the ever-evolving Syrian crisis and underscored the pivotal role that both the United States and Europe must play in addressing the complex Syrian situation.

The meeting brought together Representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) in Europe Abdul Karim Omar, AANES Representative in Germany Khaled Darwish, and former president of the Party of the European Left and a prominent politician of The Left (Die Linke) Gregor Gysi.

During the discussions, Abdul Karim Omar stressed the critical nature of the Syrian crisis and its multifaceted challenges. He articulated that achieving a viable political solution remains an elusive prospect primarily due to the Syrian regime’s unwavering commitment to a security-driven, military approach to resolving the conflict. This entrenched stance, he argued, has complicated efforts aimed at fostering a diplomatic resolution to the crisis.

Furthermore, Abdul Karim Omar expressed concerns regarding the relative inactivity of the United States and Europe in the Syrian context. The absence of a clearly defined and comprehensive strategy to address the crisis has inadvertently allowed the Astana group comprised of Turkey, Iran, Russia, and the Syrian regime, to exert increasing influence over the trajectory of Syrian politics. The need for concerted and decisive action by Western powers was underscored as paramount in steering Syria towards stability and lasting peace.

For his part, Gysi emphasized the imperative of collectively pursuing an all-encompassing political solution to the Syrian crisis. He highlighted that any such solution must safeguard the shared interests of all Syrians and actively involve the diverse components of Syrian society in shaping the nation’s future.

Gysi expressed deep concern regarding the recurrent attacks launched by Turkey and Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies, whether through aerial drone strikes or artillery and missile bombardments. These hostilities, he noted, have regrettably resulted in casualties and pose a direct threat to the security and stability of the areas administered by AANES.