Syriac Union Party marks 18th anniversary, pledges to continue struggle amidst transformations in Syria

ZALIN, Syria — On the 18th anniversary of its founding, the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to the ongoing struggle for the realization of its goals and principles. The party, established during a period of international conflicts and transformations in Syria, underscores its dedication to defending the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Syriac) people, safeguarding their existence in their homeland, and advocating for their rights on both national and democratic fronts.

Since its inception, the party has championed the cause against totalitarian rule and policies that deny the unique culture and language of the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people and has strived for democratic change in Syria and the culmination of legitimate demands for freedom, dignity, and democracy. The statement emphasizes that amidst the significant changes triggered by the popular movement in 2011, the Syriac Union Party remains resolute in its pursuit of these objectives.

Addressing the challenges posed by regional and international interventions in Syria, coupled with the regime’s reluctance to relinquish its security-centric approach, the party contends that all attempts, both international and Arab, to broker a political solution in Syria have faltered.

The party concludes its statement by underscoring the gravity of the plight of the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people in Syria, characterized by intimidation and displacement in various forms. It extended its congratulations to its members and supporters on this milestone, pledging to persevere in the path laid by the martyrs until the envisioned goals are achieved.