Bethnahrin National Council offers condolences to families of martyrs killed in Turkish bombing of Anti-Narcotics Academy in North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — In the aftermath of the devastating Turkish bombing of the Anti-Narcotics Academy of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria in Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah / Derik) which resulted in the martyrdom of 29 members of ISF, the institutions of the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo d’Bethnahrin, MUB) in Zalin (Qamishli) actively participated in a heartfelt condolence ceremony.

The fallen ISF members, laid to rest in the Martyr Dalil Sarukhan Cemetery, were commemorated in a condolence tent erected in Zalin. Hundreds of the city’s residents, deeply moved by the somber occasion, gathered to pay their respects.

The families of the martyrs were met with profound solidarity, as attendees expressed their grief and admiration for the fallen, initiating the ceremony with a minute of silence to honor the souls lost to Turkey’s aggression.

A delegation from the MUB joined the mourners in offering condolences to the grieving families, underscoring their unwavering commitment to continuing the struggle initiated by the martyrs, ensuring the realization of their revolutionary aspirations.

The condolence ceremony concluded with the reading of the martyrs’ document, solemnly handed over to their families amidst resonating slogans that exalted the martyrs and their unwavering resistance.

In response to the attack, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) declared a three-day period of mourning and condemned Turkey for targeting the Anti-Narcotics Academy, which trains personnel to help combat the illegal drug trade in the country alongside the US-led International Coalition.