Delegation from Administration of North and East Syria address British Labour Party Conference about Turkish attacks

LIVERPOOL, UK — A delegation representing the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) participated in the British Labour Party Conference held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on Monday.

Following the conference, a symposium was organized featuring AANES Representative in Europe Abdul Karim Omar, MP (Labour) Lloyd Russell Moyle, MP (Sinn Féin) John Finucane, Member of Turkish Parliament (Green Left) Cengiz Candar, and Member of Turkish Parliament Nuran İmir (Peoples’ Democratic Party).

During the symposium, Abdul Karim Omar shed light on the structure of AANES, elucidating its management of extensive areas in Syria with the inclusive participation of all regional ethnic components and its radical inclusion of women at all levels of governance. He emphasized their pursuit of a political solution in Syria, positing the AANES system as a potential model for resolving the country’s issues.

Addressing the ongoing war against the Islamic State (ISIS) and other extremist organizations, Omar urged international powers to collaborate with AANES in finding appropriate solutions to the predicament of ISIS families in camps.

Turning attention to Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria and their efforts to dismantle AANES, Omar appealed to international powers to halt Turkish violations which have resulted in civilian deaths. The strikes have destroyed nearly all vital civilian infrastructure, including power generation facilities, water pumping stations, and oil and gas refineries, threatening a massive humanitarian crisis as winter approaches.

Omar called upon the Labour Party to extend political support to AANES and endorse its endeavors in the fight against terrorism and ensuring a democratic Syria for all Syrians.