Syrian Democratic Youth Council urges global solidarity against Turkish attacks and their devastating impact on North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Amidst the Turkish bombardment campaign targeting vital civilian infrastructure, the Syrian Democratic Youth Council (SDYC) released a statement calling for international support in addressing the plight of the people in North and East Syria.

The statement highlighted the severe consequences of the Turkish occupation of areas of Syria, citing the deaths of thousands of civilian lives and the displacement of 800,000 individuals from Cafrin (Afrin). Additionally, it points out the concerning policy of Turkification implemented in the occupied regions.

The Syrian Democratic Youth Council pledged support to all peoples striving for freedom. The statement underscored the urgent need for unified global solidarity against the Turkish attacks on the region.

The SDYC hopes for widespread support from political parties, youth movements, feminist groups, civil organizations, and activists worldwide. It specifically calls for backing the cause of the diverse population in the region, which includes Syriacs, Kurds, Yezidis, Arabs, Armenians, and Turkmen.

Highlighting the significant sacrifices made by the people of North and East Syria in combating the Islamic State (ISIS) and defending their existence against existential threats, the SDYC concluded with a call for collective action to address the ongoing challenges posed by Turkish occupation.