SYRIA: Unidentified drone targets Holeb (Aleppo) causing panic and injuries

HOLEB, Syria — In the sixth drone attack on Holeb (Aleppo), Syria, in a month, an unidentified drone struck a site near the Iskenderun school in the Al-Suryan neighborhood on Wednesday morning. The drone landed on the balcony of a house, causing injuries to at least one person and spreading panic among the neighborhood’s residents.

Drone attacks on Syrian regime positions in Holeb have seen a recent increase following the military escalation involving Russia and the Syrian regime. This uptick in attacks began after the targeting of the Military College in Hmoth (Homs) on 15 October, killing over 200 people.

Some sources suggest that the drone originated from areas under the influence of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in Edleb (Idlib) and was aimed at a military barracks belonging to the Syrian regime in the Al-Suryan neighborhood.