Catalan Parliamentarian urges European recognition of North and East Syria’s Autonomous Administration to safeguard against Turkish aggression

BARCELONA — Francesc de Dalmases, a prominent parliamentarian from Catalonia, has underscored the critical importance of European nations recognizing the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) to deter unwarranted Turkish attacks and aggressions in the region.

Dalmases, who holds the position of Vice-President of the Junts political party and serves as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Catalan parliament, voiced his discontent with the Spanish parliament for its refusal to acknowledge Catalonia’s recognition of AANES. He characterized this decision as a departure from democratic principles and labeled it a failure.

Speaking to the Hawar News Agency, Dalmases contended that Spain’s stance is closely tied to its relations with Turkey, emphasizing Spain’s status as an economic and military ally of the Turkish government. He asserted that the Spanish position contradicts the very essence of democratic values.

Dalmases stated that the recognition of AANES by the Catalan Parliament is not only a matter of principle but a necessity to protect human rights and uphold democratic ideals. The decision, he argued, would have far-reaching implications and impact the global stage in due course.

Moreover, Dalmases issued a stark warning regarding ongoing Turkish attacks, which persist due to the lack of recognition for AANES by European countries. He stressed that recognizing this political entity would facilitate the international documentation of Turkish transgressions.