Half of victims of landmines in 2022 were children, highest number of them Syrian

The annual Landmine Monitor report for the year 2022 highlights a distressing trend, with Syrians, especially children, emerging as the primary victims. Once again, Syrians find themselves at the forefront of global lists and classifications, with the latest report underscoring that Syrian children accounted for the highest number of mine victims worldwide.

The report, which sheds light on the grim reality of landmine casualties, disclosed that civilians comprised 85% of all recorded victims globally, with half of them being children. Shockingly, Syria recorded the largest number of victims, emphasizing the devastating impact of landmines on the country’s civilian population.

According to the findings, a total of 1,661 individuals lost their lives, and 3,015 others sustained injuries globally due to landmines and war remnants. Among these victims, Syrians bore a heavy toll, with 834 people affected by these explosive devices.

For the third consecutive year, Syria secured the unenviable position of leading the world in the number of mine victims, a concerning status that places it ahead of other affected nations, with Ukraine following closely behind.

Tragically, the toll continues to rise in the current year, with 231 individuals, including 20 women and 71 children, succumbing to the devastating impact of mines and remnants of war. This alarming situation underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address the pervasive threat of landmines and protect vulnerable populations from their destructive consequences.