US and UK applaud recent International Court of Justice move to hold Syrian regime accountable for torture

DARAMSUQ — In response to the legal action initiated by the Netherlands and Canada against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, the International Court of Justice in The Hague issued a provisional order instructing the Syrian government to employ all available means to prevent instances of torture.

The US and UK expressed their approval of the ICJ decision, regarding it as a significant stride towards holding the Assad regime responsible for the widespread torture of countless Syrian citizens.

The embassies of the US and UK underscored the importance of justice and accountability for victims, survivors, and their families, urging a diligent commitment to achieving a political resolution. Recognizing the gravity of the atrocities, they emphasized the imperative of ensuring that those involved face consequences for their actions.

The International Court of Justice additionally called upon the Syrian regime to guarantee the preservation of any potential evidence related to torture, encompassing medical reports and death records. This collective effort aims to bring perpetrators to justice and establish a framework for a comprehensive political solution.