Israel and Hamas agree to humanitarian ceasefire and prisoner exchange following mediation

GAZA / TEL AVIV — Following extensive discussions and mediation efforts from Western and regional countries, Israel and Hamas have successfully negotiated a temporary humanitarian ceasefire and hostage exchange. The agreement, brokered with joint Egyptian, Qatari, and American mediation, marks a substantial step toward de-escalation within the Gaza Strip.

In an official statement, Hamas outlined the key components of the agreement, encompassing a mutual ceasefire, cessation of all military actions by the Israeli Army, and the suspension of movement for its military vehicles throughout the Gaza Strip. The accord also stipulates the entry of hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian, relief, medical, and fuel aid to all areas of the Gaza Strip.

A pivotal aspect of the agreement involves the release of 50 Israeli detainees, including women and children under the age of 19, held by Hamas. In return, Israel will release 150 Palestinian women and children under the age of 19. Furthermore, the deal includes a halt to air traffic in the southern region for four days and a daily six-hour suspension of air traffic in the north.

The Hamas statement emphasized that during the truce period, Israel is committed to refraining from attacking or arresting individuals across all areas of the Gaza Strip and ensuring the freedom of movement for people from north to south.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed its acceptance of the prisoner exchange agreement and the four-day ceasefire. Tel Aviv pledged to release 300 Palestinian prisoners contingent upon Hamas releasing 100 Israeli prisoners.