Administration of North and East Syria’s Executive Council forms committees within framework of new Social Contract

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Following the recent approval of the new Social Contract, Gabriel Chamoun, Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Region of North and East Syria (DAARNES) Gabriel Chamoun, announced the establishment of committees aimed at organizing the functions of administrative units in North and East Syria. In a statement provided to Suroyo TV, Chamoun outlined the significance of these committees in ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient decentralized system.

The newly formed committees are tasked with delineating the responsibilities of each administrative unit, encompassing the District Council Commune, Town Council, City Council, District Council, and ultimately, the Executive Council of the Region. According to Chamoun, this strategic move is imperative to prevent task overlaps, promote efficient workflow, and facilitate the successful implementation of the decentralized system across all councils.

This initiative underscores the commitment of DAARNES to enhance organizational structures and optimize the functionality of administrative units in alignment with the evolving social contract.