Egyptian writer Abdel Nabi Abdel Sattar and political analyst Ibrahim Shaaban condemn Arab silence on Turkish attacks in North and East Syria

CAIRO — Amidst the continued Turkish attacks on North and East Syria, renowned Egyptian journalist Abdel Nabi Abdel Sattar expressed his dismay over the apparent lack of condemnation from Arab nations regarding this aggression.

Sattar stated that the Turkish attacks lack justifications and are contrary to international norms and laws. He highlighted the unfortunate Arab silence, emphasizing Syria’s membership in the League of Arab States.

Egyptian political analyst Ibrahim Shaaban characterized the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria as barbaric.

Shaaban decried the destruction of vital infrastructure by Turkey and called for an immediate cessation of the attacks. He stressed the necessity for a united and strong Arab position to counter Turkish transgressions on Syrian and Iraqi sovereignty.

Shaaban refuted claims of terrorism in the region, asserting the existence of inherent rights that must be acknowledged. Simultaneously, he denounced the Arab League’s silence concerning Turkish violations, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing these rights.