Syriac Writers honor Baghdede wedding hall fire tragedy victims through poetry at International Poetry Forum in Basra, Iraq

BASRA, Iraq — In a tribute to the victims of the Baghdede (Qaraqosh / Hamdaniya) wedding hall fire tragedy, Syriac writers in Iraq shared a collection of heartfelt poems at the International Poetry Forum in Basra.

Participating in literary and poetic gatherings across Iraq, a delegation of Syriac writers partook in the 35th edition of the International Poetry Forum held in Basra, Iraq.

The Forum commenced with a robust presence of approximately 400 literary, cultural, and media luminaries from both domestic and international spheres, reflecting a rich tapestry of political, social, and cultural discourse. The event was inaugurated with an address by Iraqi Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Festival’s Supreme Committee, Ahmed Fakak al-Badrani.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, poets took the stage to recite verses, lyrics, and prose touching upon a myriad of topics, including the unfolding events in Iraq and the broader region, notably the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Musical performances added an enriching dimension to the literary festival, enhancing the emotive resonance of the spoken word.

The festival provided a platform for the display of publications by the Ministry of Culture and the Writers’ Union, alongside an exhibition showcasing evocative artwork, underscoring the multifaceted nature of cultural expression celebrated at the event.