Syrian Democratic Council hosts dialogue symposium on Syria’s future in Netherlands

HENGELO, Netherlands — The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), in collaboration with the European Syriac Union (ESU), organized a thought-provoking dialogue symposium titled “Assessing the Present and Charting the Future” on Sunday at the ESU office in the Netherlands.

With the attendance of Hassan Muhammad Ali, Co-Chair of the SDC’s Office of Relations, the symposium attracted political activists, intellectuals, and independent voices from the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) and Syrian communities.

Spanning various topics, discussions delved into the current political landscape in Syria, challenges hindering a political resolution, prospects for unified national action, and the Syrian Democratic Council’s role in fostering democratic alliances. Attendees explored the intricate tapestry of Syria’s historical and contemporary inter-ethnic relations, dissecting the path forward amidst the nation’s complexities.

Participants engaged in candid dialogue on Syria’s future trajectory, identifying key obstacles and proposing solutions to address the multifaceted challenges facing the country. Unified in their aspirations for Syria’s stability, attendees underscored the importance of fostering pluralism and decentralization to pave the way for a prosperous future.

Amidst diverse perspectives and shared goals, the symposium concluded with a collective commitment to advancing initiatives that uphold Syria’s unity and empower its diverse communities.