Christian Front in Lebanon calls for solidarity with workers on May Day

BEIRUT — The Christian Front in Lebanon, convening at its headquarters in Achrafieh, extended its greetings to workers on Labor Day, urging them to confront their challenging circumstances.

In its statement, the Front criticized the ruling government, accusing it of perpetuating economic exploitation at the behest of Iran and its proxies, stripping workers of their livelihoods and subjects them to indignity.

The Front reiterated its unwavering support for workers’ rights, emphasizing the importance of fair wages and ensuring a dignified standard of living.

Furthermore, the Front appealed to political parties, organizations, and leaders committed to opposing the influence of Iranian-backed Hezbollah to unite in both rhetoric and action before the international community.

Highlighting the recent National Conference convened in Maarab at the invitation of the Lebanese Forces Party, the Front commended the collective stance of Lebanon’s diverse ethnic groups against Iranian interference. They emphasized the urgent need for Lebanon’s neutrality amidst the conflict in Gaza and subsequent hostilities in southern Lebanon.