Christian Front in Lebanon calls on rejecting EU financial aid that abolish Lebanese entity and identity

BEIRUT— During its regular meeting at its headquarters in Ashrafieh, Beirut, the Christian Front in Lebanon called on the decision-makers in Lebanon, especially the Sovereigntists, to reject the EU financial aid in exchange for the consolidation of the illegal Syrian presence under the pretext of asylum.

The Front considered that the mere acceptance of this bribe, if it happens, will lead to the abolition of the Lebanese free entity and identity.

“This is not debatable. It would be more useful to discuss it directly with EU, and work hard to help the refugees return to their country and secure their livelihoods in areas of their choice, or host them in countries that have ability to receive them. In addition to refraining from providing all temptations and assistance for their stay in Lebanon,” the Front stated.

The Christian Front saluted all the moves being made by the parliamentary blocs, parties and municipalities that have begun to work seriously to organize the illegal unbearable Syrian presence, in preparation for a solution that preserves the Lebanese people privacy, security, economy, entity and dignity.

The Front called on European countries to provide material, military and logistical support to the Lebanese Army so that it can deploy on the entire Lebanese-Syrian border, control all legal and illegal crossings, prevent the flow of Syrians to Lebanese territory, put pressure on the Hezbollah and end its anomalous existence through the implementation of UN Resolution No. 1559 and dissolve all militias and armed gangs, which are the main cause of the ruin of Lebanon and neighboring countries.

In addition to enabling the Lebanese people to restore Lebanon sovereignty and move from a regime of militias, mafias and chaos to a real state in every sense of the word.