First company in Anatolia founded 4000 years in Turkey

KAYSERI, Turkey — Archaeological excavations near Kayseri in central Turkey have revealed significant historical discoveries, including the first trading company in history.

According to research of scientists, this company was founded about 4000 years ago, it was founded by 12 individuals who collectively invested 15 kg of gold.

The city of Kültepe, where the finds were discovered, also known as Kanesh or Nisha, was a major center of commercial activity during the Middle Bronze Age, serving as one of the main trading centers of Syriac-Assyrian trade.

The research also showed that the area was an important trading center established by Syriac-Assyrian merchants, which facilitated the establishment of large-scale trade networks throughout the region.

Excavations at Kültepe continued for more than 7 decades, resulting in more than 20,000 cuneiform tablets providing detailed insights into the commercial and social activities of the period.