Turkish archaeologists complete restoration of ancient Assyrian neighborhood in Kultepe

KAYSERI, Turkey — Turkish researchers and archaeologists have successfully completed a land restoration project in the city of Kayseri, which dates back to the era of the Assyrian Kingdom. The restored area, named “The Neighborhood of the Three Houses and the Assyrian Merchants,” spans 450,000 square meters in Kultepe (Kanesh Karum).

The Kayseri municipal administration announced that the project’s goal is to preserve the city’s heritage and that of early human civilization. The historic houses will soon be opened for tourism, allowing visitors to explore the ancient Assyrian legacy.

Archaeologists stated that once the restoration is complete, the houses, buildings, and streets used by the ancient Assyrians for thousands of years will be revealed. This project will also shed light on how the Assyrians utilized the land to secure their livelihood.

Excavation work in the Kultepe  area previously uncovered the first handwritten inscriptions in Anatolia, further highlighting the region’s historical significance.