Opening of private women’s academy approved by Women’s Commission of DAA in Jazira Region

JAZIRA REGION, North and East Syria – The Women’s Commission of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) in the Jazira Region approved the opening of a private academy to strengthen the administrative knowledge of women in the region. The academy includes all the self and civil administrations. The establishment of the academy comes out of the Executive Council of the DAA in the Jazira Region’s first annual meeting during which the most important achievements of the last year were discussed and plans for the upcoming year were set.

The meeting was attended by the co-chair of the General Council, Mrs. Siham Qoryo, and the co-chair of the Executive Council, Mrs. Berivan Khaled, in addition to all the co-chairs of the authorities and offices of the DAA in Jazira Region.

The attendees discussed the annual reports of women issues and the most important problems they faced in their work last year within the DAA institutions and society in general. They also presented suggestions to solve and avoid these problems in the future

The attendees also focused on the need to support economic projects that provide job opportunities for women. The need to create major projects to support women during the coming year was highlighted.

The meeting also emphasized the need to increase the role of women in DAA institutions and decision-making centers. They also focused on women’s enlightenment sessions, women trainings, and women empowerment in administrative, political, and organizational work.