Syrian Democratic Council delivers lecture on political economy in Qamishli

QAMISHLI, Syria – Yesterday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) delivered a lecture on political economy in the office of the culture and art body in Qamishli. The lecture was attended by Mr. Gabriel Shamoun, Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, members of the Presidential Council, political party representatives, and intellectuals.

The lecture was delivered by Ibrahim al-Thallaj, a member of the Presidential Council of the SDC and leader of the Modernity and Democracy Party in Syria. The lecture began with a brief history of the relationship between politics and economics and the latter’s direct impact on policy-making and decision-making.

Al-Thallaj also reviewed political economy theory, pioneers of the field, and the development of the discipline.

During the lecture, Al-Thallaj mentioned the repercussions of the Syrian crisis and its impact on the country’s economy, which faces a real and worsening crisis.

At the end, attendees’ opinions on political economy within the Syrian crisis, Syria’s prevailing economic model, and the relationship between economics and politics and their impact on each other, were submitted and discussed.