SYRIA: Israeli warplanes strike Iranian positions in near Palmyra

TADMOR ܬܕܡܘܪܬܐ‎ (PALMYRA), Syria — On Monday evening, Israeli aircraft once again struck Iranian and Iranian-backed militia position in Syria, this time in the vicinity of the ancient city of Palmyra in the desert to the far east of Homs.

An explosion was reportedly hear in the area with Syrian state news reporting it was Syrian air defenses shooting down an Israeli missile.

Despite the Syrian regime touting the capabilities of its air defenses, Israeli continues to strike targets in Syria unhindered.

On 31 March, Israeli aircraft flew over Lebanon, targeting Al-Sha’ayrat Air Base in Homs and nearby Iranian-backed militia positions with more than eight missiles.

Also on Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it intercepted an unidentified aircraft heading toward Hmeimim Air Base, later identified as a U.S. military aircraft.