Dutch residency withdrawn from 29 Syrian refugees

THE HAGUE – Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) had withdrawn residencies from 29 Syrian refugees in the Netherlands after an investigation by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security revealed that several Syrian refugees gave incorrect information during their residency interview.

“Dutch Ministry of Justice conducted an investigation that led to the residency withdrawal of 29 Syrian refugees because they provided incorrect information during their interview to obtain Dutch residency, in addition to the residency withdrawal of a person accused of war crimes,” reported De Telegraaf.

Dutch authorities conducted an investigation into the files of more than 12,000 Syrian refugees between the ages of 17 and 35 upon their arrival in the Netherlands. In addition to 63 cases related to war crimes and other serious crimes were opened, of which 50 were closed due to the lack of evidence, despite many indications that they were involved.

The investigation also revealed 223 cases of false information given during residency interviews in which refugees lied about their original nationality.

The Ministry stated that Dutch residency has been withdrawn from 29 Syrian refugees and the status of 46 others has been settled. Seven people are still under investigation. The fate of the refugees whose residence permits have been withdrawn is still unknown.

According to Dutch authorities, the aim of opening these investigations was to ensure that refugees with Dutch residency or citizenship did not commit any war crimes or other serious crimes that might affect the national security of the Netherlands.

The investigation relied on detailed investigations of refugees’ social media accounts.