General Assembly of Syrian National Coalition elects Nasr al-Hariri as new president

The General Assembly of Syria’s “Elitaf” or opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) has elected Syrian Nasr al-Hariri (Daraa; 43) as the new president of the General Assembly to succeed Anas al-Abda whose term ended. Al-Hariri was elected on Saturday in the 51st session of the General Assembly. Both Oqab Yahya (Syrian National Democratic Bloc) and Abdel Hakim Bashar (Kurdish National Council) were re-elected for a second term as vice-presidents.

Ruba Habbush was elected vice-president succeeding Dima Moussa, a Syriac from Homs, and Abdel Baset Abdel Latif was elected Secretary-General. Nineteen new members were elected for the political bureau.

On Sunday the General Assembly discussed and reviewed developments, the internal situation and the challenges facing the Syrian revolution, in addition to reviewing the reports of the Syrian High Negotiating Committee, the Syrian Interim Government and the Support Coordination Unit.

The opposition Syrian National Coalition was established in 2012 in Qatar, is headquartered in Istanbul and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is the biggest organization member. The SNC was recognized in 2012 by several countries as the legitimate representative of Syria. The Syrian National Coalition is dedicated to ensuring absolute national sovereignty and independence for Syria, preserving the unity of the Syrian people, preserving the unity of the country and its cities, overthrowing the regime, dismantling the security forces, and holding responsible parties accountable for crimes against the Syrian people, not engaging in any dialogue or negotiations with the regime, and upholding the opposition’s commitment to a civil, democratic Syria.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization which has its headquarters in Zalin (Qamishli) is a member of the Syrian National Coalition.