Lebanese Forces representative urges assistance for Lebanese people and return of displaced Syrians

BEIRUT — Richard Kouyoumjian, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Lebanese Forces political party, has called upon Lebanese officials to prioritize the needs of the Lebanese people and cease obstructing the presidential elections.

In an interview with Akhbar al-Yom newspaper, Kouyoumjian emphasized that, despite Lebanon’s enduring social, economic, and living crises, the party discourages reliance on foreign aid. Instead, he urged officials to take proactive measures to assist the Lebanese population and address the pressing issues within the country.

Kouyoumjian emphasized that assistance and solutions should originate from within Lebanon itself. While acknowledging the global community’s willingness to support Syrian refugees, he stressed that such aid should primarily be directed towards Syria, rather than burdening Lebanon. Kouyoumjian further advocated for displaced Syrians to bear the costs of their water and electricity bills, as well as the expenses associated with utilizing the infrastructure that has already placed a significant financial strain on Lebanon and its people, costing billions of dollars.

Highlighting that Lebanon has endured considerable hardships, Kouyoumjian asserted that the time has come for the displaced Syrians to return to their home country. He emphasized the importance of ensuring their dignity, human rights, and values during the repatriation process. Moreover, Kouyoumjian emphasized the need for international pressure to be exerted on the Syrian regime to facilitate a safe and secure return for the displaced Syrians.

The remarks made by Richard Kouyoumjian reflect the growing sentiment within Lebanon, where the strain on resources and infrastructure has become an increasing concern. The call for Lebanese officials to prioritize the needs of their own citizens, while emphasizing the responsibility of the international community in assisting displaced Syrians, underscores the urgent need for action to address these complex challenges.