IRAQ: Three health centers in Nineveh Plains being rehabilitated to help curb COVID-19 pandemic

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq – The Young Messengers Organization for Relief and Development, in cooperation with the local health administration and support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), launched a project, “Al-Hamdaniya Recovers”, to rehabilitate three health centers in Al-Hamdaniya district: two in Baghdede and another in Bartella.

Baghdede and Bartella are both Syriac towns in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains.

The first phase of the project will rehabilitate the physical infrastructure of the three centers, while the second phase will provide them with medical devices, oxygen, masks, protective suits, gloves, PCR machines used for processing coronavirus tests (among others), and other medical equipment and supplies.

This project aims to improve the efficiency of health centers located in Al-Hamdaniya to improve health services in the region.

Imad Sobeh, head of Young Messengers, said, “This project is very important to support the health sector and improve its efficiency.”

“We are confronting the coronavirus with USAID support,” Sobeh continued. “USAID has contributed to the recovery of communities affected by the recent war against the Islamic State and providing job opportunities for the people of cities as well.”

USAID has undertaken a number of projects in Nineveh Plains (Doshto D’Ninveh) following the regions liberation from the Islamic State.