Turkey continues to dismantle surrounded military points in Syria

HOLOB, Syria — The Turkish Army has begun evacuating a military observation post between Qabtan Jabal and Sheikh Aqel in the western Holob (Aleppo) countryside.

Turkey has been slowly abandoning its military points left as islands in Syrian regime territory.

The Turkish military point in Morek, and several others, were dismantled and evacuated in mid-October.

Turkish forces have been present at the Morek outpost for about two and a half years. It is expected that they will evacuate all military points behind the current frontline in northwestern Syria.

Despite evacuating their surrounded military points in Edleb and Holob, Turkish forces have recently been reinforcing positions in North and East Syria.

Turkish soldiers, prebuilt fortifications, and heavy weaponry, including tanks, armored infantry vehicles, and rocket artillery, arrived in the area in recent weeks.

The reinforcements reportedly arrived at Turkish military points in the villages of Arbaeen, Laylan, Al-Hamdaniya, and Al-Dabsa, west of Tel Tamr in the Khabur Valley.