Cafrin women testify to Sky News that Turkish-backed militias kidnap and transport women from Cafrin to Libya to serve as slaves

Sky News Arabia published a report revealing that terrorist groups affiliated with Turkey have transferred a number of kidnapped women from Turkish-occupied Cafrin (Afrin) to Libya to serve as slaves. Sky News Arabia published recorded footage and testimonies of Cafrin women subjected to sexual blackmail by terrorist group Ahrar al-Sharqiya.

Sky News quoted Bankin Darwish, a pseudonym for an activist Cafrin woman, saying that a girl named ‘Hana’ from the district of Shirawa was kidnapped after Turkish-backed terrorist groups killed her husband and forced her to serve the groups’ members in their community-centers-turned-prisons in the Balbala area in the city’s countryside. From there she was taken to Libya as a slave by the killer of her husband.

Informant Darwish said the abductees were being transported to Turkey either through the Hawar Kals military crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border, through the border village of Khalil, or from the military crossing of the village of al-Hammam in Jindresa district, which links the city of Cafrin to Turkish territory.

Shirin Ballo, the pseudonym of a 20-year-old woman who fled the occupied city of Cafrin after being sexually blackmailed by the terrorist group Ahrar al-Sharqiya, explained what she had been subjected to gang rape, pointing out that they threatened to behead her husband if she resisted.

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