Northern Democratic Brigade: Russian and Ba’ath regime forces are responsible for what is happening in Ayn Issa

AYN ISSA, Syria – Northern Democratic Brigade spokesman Muhammad Habib announced that the Ayn Issa region is still steadfast despite the recent increase in Turkish attacks, stressing the readiness of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to respond to any Turkish-backed violation.

Habib stated that the main aim of the increased Turkish bombing of Ayn Issa lies in Turkish President Erdogan’s ambitions to achieve public gains domestically after the decline in popularity due to the dire Turkish economic situation, as well as gaining time before the installment of the new U.S. presidency.

The media office of the Northern Democratic Brigade issued a statement in which it said that the attacks on Ayn Issa reveal the true intentions of the warring parties, i.e. each party intends to win Ayn Issa to barter for the whole Ayn Issa region later. Where there are the Russian forces and the Syrian Arab Army on one side and the Turkish occupation army and its armed factions on the other side, innocent civilians are being killed in the fighting.

The media office sent a clear message to the Russian forces and Arab Ba’ath regime forces which claim to defend the Ayn Issa region, stating that both must leave from all areas east of the Euphrates because they are not trustworthy and no longer entrusted with the rest of the territory.