GERMANY: Syriacs elected to Integration Council in Wiesbaden

WIESBADEN, Germany – In elections for Integration Councils in the German state of Hessen, 6 Syriacs were chosen on March 14 to the Integration Council in the city of Wiesbaden. In Wiesbaden, Syriacs composed two candidacy lists: the Syriac Democratic and the Assyrische Union Wiesbaden.

These two lists included 32 Syriac candidates for the Integration Council. Warda Massoud, Gabriel Astivo and Sabri Alkan were elected for the Assyrische Union Wiesbaden, and Sleman Haydo, Remon Danho, and Samir Barsoum were elected for the Syriac Democratic List.

The Syriac Democratic List received 11,405 votes. The Assyrische Union Wiesbaden received 11,426 votes.

According to candidate Sabri Alkan to Syriac satellite channel SuroyoTV; “This is a victory for the two lists representing our Suryoyo people. Our people were able to bring 3 people from each list to the Integration Council.”

In addition to the six Syriac candidates elected to the Integration Council, Elena Romanos and Daoud Yacoub were elected as deputies to the city’s Municipal Council.

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