Ezdina Foundation in North and East Syria holds seminar for women about Syrian constitution

ZALIN, Syria — The Ezdina Foundation in North and East Syria organized a seminar — ‘A Constitution that Protects Us’ — for women covering the current state of the Syrian political process and international conferences seeking a solution without the presence of the Syrians themselves and their representatives, especially those from North and East Syria.

The second half of the seminar dealt with the constitution, including the Constitutional Committee convening in Geneva, the process of writing a constitution, and a discussion about what the new constitution should include.

The primary goal of the Ezdina Foundation seminar was to discuss with women their opinions, demands, and vision regarding a new Syrian constitution.

The Suroyo Media Foundation also participated in the seminar. Representatives of the Suroyo Media Foundation talked about the importance of including the voices of women from minority communities, such as the Syriacs (Arameans–Assyrians–Chaldeans) and Yezidis, in political processes and writing of the constitution. They also discussed ways to ensure the protection of women rights across Syria.

According to the organizers of the seminar, the level of participation and interaction was high. It was also clear, they said, that the women who attended the seminar felt empowered to voice their opinions and discuss their political visions for Syria.

The organizers hoped to deliver the visions and demands of the participant woman to decision-makers to ensure the voices of Syrian women are reflected in the political system and constitution.