Several Dutch women who traveled to Syria to live in the Islamic State want to return to the Netherlands, reports De Telegraaf

AMSTERDAM — Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that eight Dutch women who had traveled to areas under the control of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria want to return to the Netherlands.

The report stated that the women expressed their willingness to return home following the repatriation of a woman called Ilham and three children in June 2021.

According to De Telegraaf, the eight women, who have a total of 25 children, expressed their willingness to appear in court but only on the condition that they be returned to the Netherlands.

The Dutch authorities previously announced that they would not seek the return Dutch nationals detained in North and East Syria but were forced to repatriate Ilham against whom a criminal case was filed in the Netherlands. Ilham decided to appear before the court in person.

On Thursday, the Dutch parliament is expected to discuss the process that led to the return of Ilham to the country.

Acting Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag confirmed that the government had received a number of requests for return and that it would consider each one separately.