Lebanese Parliament appoints Najib Mikati as new Prime Minister-delegate following Hariri resignation

BEIRUT — After extensive discussions, parliamentary consultations in Lebanon ended with Najib Mikati being tasked with forming a new Lebanese government after receiving 72 votes. There were 42 abstentions and 3 deputies were absent.

Accordingly, Lebanese President Michel Aoun issued a decree officially appointing Mikati.

Immediately after his appointment, Mikati made a statement from Baabda palace thanking President Aoun and the deputies who participated in the consultations and said that he wanted the confidence of the people. He added that the task on his shoulders is not easy but will succeed if all efforts are combined without mutual accusations.

Mikati revealed that he accepted the mandate after receiving external guarantees, without clarifying those guarantees and their sources. He stressed that he will be able with to form the required government and on the basis of the French initiative to achieve the interests of Lebanon and its economy.

Those developments on the Lebanese scene called on the European Union to issue a statement urging Lebanese politicians to cooperate to allow for the formation of a credible and efficient government.

France, who has spearheaded the European initiatives, also called for speedy formation of the government, adding that the responsibility of Lebanese politicians is clear: to support Mikati’s efforts and cooperate with him as soon as possible to form the required government.