Sovereignist Front for Lebanon opposes any extension of the mandate of parliament and President Michel Aoun

BEIRUT The Sovereignist Front for Lebanon held its third congress on Thursday under the title “No to Prorogation.” This third congress after the Front’s establishment on September 29, 2021, was attended by the leaders of the Universal Syriac Union Party, Ibrahim Mrad, National Liberal Party, Camille and Dory Chamoun, representative of the Lebanese Forces Party, Ziad Hawat, former Attorney General and judge Peter Germanos, and other representatives of the some twenty political parties, dignitaries, and activist civil groups affiliated with the Front.

In its press statement, the Sovereignist Front declared that “the extension of the presidential or parliamentary mandate is nothing other than an extension of the occupation, impoverishment, emigration and disintegration of the nation”, and “any attempt at extension will be considered a coup and will be faced as such.”

The Front thus affirmed its refusal to extend the mandate of Lebanese Parliament and the mandate of President Michel Aoun, a Syriac, under any pretext or allegation. Any extension of power for any component would be an abuse of the country’s constitution and laws, and it is an extension of the (foreign) occupation of the state by force of arms, and thus an extension of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon.

“This conference is an open meeting,” the Front stated, declaring an urgent need to create a Lebanese national situation that can face authoritarianism and succession, and not be dominated by denominations, regions and political parties.

The aim of the Sovereignist Front is to openly denounce the stranglehold on Lebanon by the Iranian-proxy militia Hezbollah (“Party of God”) over the Lebanese state and its institutions, and to expose Hezbollah’s role as the armed wing of the Islamic Republic of Iran.