Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Bechara Boutros Raï discusses the health and educational situation in Lebanon with a number of delegations

BETH KERKE, Lebanon  — Patriarch Mor Bechara Boutros Raï received Minister of Health Firas Abyad and Director of Medical Care Joseph Helou, as well as a delegation from the Saint Joseph Institute from Aintoura and resigned MP Michel Moawad. He discussed with him the overall current situation in Lebanon and the difficulties facing the health and education sectors.

During the meeting, the Patriarch discussed with them the health conditions in Lebanon and the difficulties facing the medical sector from a lack of equipment compared to the needs of patients, and the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to help people cope with health problems.

They also touched on the impact of the Coronavirus on the situation in Lebanon, and the urgent need for hospitals to remain fully prepared to face any health emergency.

Syriac Maronite Patriarch Raï also met with a delegation from the Saint Joseph Institute in Aintoura, headed by the institute’s director Father Abdo Eid al-Azari. The delegation expressed their support for the patriotic stances of Patriarch Raïi.

They also discussed with the Patriarch the educational reality and the difficulties it faces due to the Corona pandemic and the stifling economic crisis.

In his conversation with resigned MP Michel Moawad, the Patriarch discussed the current situation in Lebanon on all political, economic and social levels, and the difficult living conditions of citizens in light of the existing conflicts between the political forces ahead of the elections.

Both men agreed that the elections are an opportunity for the Lebanese to express their choices, their desire for change, the uprising against corruption, and the restoration of their dignity and livelihood.