Turkish shelling injures a member of the Syriac Military Council in Khabour Valley in North and East Syria

TAL TAMR, KHABUR REGION, Syria – The Turkish shelling continues on populated villages located on lines of contact in North and East Syria.

Amid international silence, the village of Tal al-Laban, northwest of Tal Tamr was targeted, on 14th July, with Turkish artillery and missile shells, according to the website of the Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulḥoyo Suryoyo, MFS).

The MFS stated, via Facebook, that its forces continue to stand in the face of the Turkish-backed proxies, especially in Tal Tamer district and Khabur Valley.

The MFS website indicated that the Turkish shelling led to the injury of an MFS fighter.

“The injured MFS fighter was transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment,” the website added.

The MFS denounced the Turkish barbaric violations, and affirmed its steadfast against the Turkish terrorist policies in the regions of North and East Syria.

“The Turkish attacks aim to empty the region of its indigenous people. We call on the international community to stop the Turkish escalation and guarantee the protection of residents and infrastructure of the region,” the MFS concluded.

Earlier, a Turkish attack targeted the MFS leader Orom Maroge.

Attempts to make the area of the Khabur Region a separate canton for the Suraye people have so far been unsuccessful.