Lebanese government declares mourning day for victims of Beirut Port blast

BEIRUT — With the approach of the 2nd anniversary of the Beirut Port blast, the Lebanese government declared, 4th August, a national mourning day for the blast victims, who numbered 214 dead and more than 6000 injured.

The government issued a memorandum, in which it decided to close public institutions and municipalities, and amend regular programs on radio stations and TV channels, in line with the blast tragic memory, and in solidarity with families of the martyrs and injured.

During last year’s blast remembrance, the United Nations and France chaired an international conference concerned with mobilizing support and assistance to the most groups in need in Lebanon.

This conference provided $ 370 million to cover the emergency aid, in the next 12 months.

The investigations to uncover those responsible for the explosion were obstructed by Lebanese officials and politicians, affiliated with Iran and its militia represented by Hezbollah.