Syrian Democratic Forces carry out three operations against Turkish forces, claim 23 killed

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Thursday, the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) issued a statement announcing that the SDF had carried out three specific operations within the framework of its  legitimate right to self-defense. The operations we conducted in response to the intense Turkish attacks on the northern Syrian regions.

The statement indicated that in August, Turkish forces carried out drone and artillery attacks on a number of border villages resulting in the death of seven civilians, including children, and the injury of 17 civilians.

The statement confirmed that, on 8 August, the SDF carried out three operations targeting the movements of the Turkish Army, its tanks and its vehicles on the borders adjacent to the Turkish city of Mardin, which resulted in the killing of 23 soldiers of the occupying Turkish army, wounding two others.

In related news, the SDF announced the martyrdom of two of its fighters on Wednesday in a bombing carried out by a Turkish drone in the Zalin (Qamishli) countryside. The two martyrs, Djwar Kobani and Jia Qamishlo, participated in many campaigns to rid North and East Syria of terrorism and repel the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

The SDF pledged to all the peoples of the region that they will continue to follow the path of their martyrs and will struggle and sacrifice in the face of any aggression that threatens the region.