Syriac Maronite Patriarch al-Rai discusses presidency of Lebanon with deputies from the Democratic Gathering party

DIMANE, Lebanon — On Tuesday, as part of his continuous coordination with Lebanon’s political actors to extricate the country from its current crisis, Syriac Maronite Patriarch Bechara Butros al-Rai received deputies of the Democratic Gathering party Taymour Jumblatt and Raji al-Saad at the Patriarchal Edifice in Beth Kerke (BKerke) where they discussed national political developments, especially with regard to the presidential file.

After the meeting, Jumblatt pointed out that he conveyed to Patriarch al-Rai a message of love and peace from former MP Walid Jumblatt, stressing that the Democratic Gathering deputies will continue to vote for MP Michel Moawad for the presidency.

Jumblatt announced that the bloc does not have any other candidates and expected the presidential vacuum to be prolonged. He considered that Patriarch al-Rai’s call for an international conference to save Lebanon is not new and they are not far from the Patriarch’s position in this regard.

On the same day, the Patriarch met a delegation from the constituent body of the Conference on Family Challenges in Lebanon, which included representatives of the spiritual references of a number of sects.

During the meeting, the most important goals to be addressed by the congress, which is expected to be held next February, were presented. It will discuss the challenges facing the Lebanese family at all levels.